• I had a massive headache and spent 70% of the day in bed. 
  • I looked in the mirror and admired my legs. I was happy with them. They looked strong and toned. Say what?! I haven’t exercised since Saturday. 
  • I realised I haven’t read for three days. I was on a roll with following the 10% rule and reading 10% of a novel every day, but then I stopped even though The Maze Runner has me super hooked in. 
  • I also put two and two together as to why my reading and exercise both stopped at the same time. The boyfriend came over at lunch time on Saturday and stayed until Monday and I neglected those things. Duh! It’s not rocket science D!
  • I really want to refer to the boyfriend as D, but my name also starts with the letter D, so that would be mega confusing. Essentially we are D & D. Or Double D’s. (Insert lame joke laughter here)
  • I had lovely lady chats and dinner with Hannah. And laughs. She appreciates and laughs at my sporadic naivety. 
  • I ordered a new clutch online. 
  • I finally finished season four of How I Met Your Mother. 
  • I get to see my nephew tomorrow, so I’m going to bed with happy thoughts.